Adventure to the (not so) Unknown pt. 1

Hi guys!

Just a few quick notes before we begin. First of all, we are SO sorry for “disappearing” for the last weeks, we have been crazy busy with the end of the semester. Secondly, THANK YOU SO MUCH, we have reached over 1,000 views there on the blog!

Let´s get down to business, todays post is about knowing about your destination. This is really important so you can make the most of your trip by having information ahead of time. It is also useful so you know what to pack, but that will come later. We obviously don’t what to bore you with little things, but they are important, so the post will be in key bullet point format.

We hope this post is useful, it will be divider in three parts. The first part (this post) will summarize all the information you should gather. Part 2 will be specified for Iceland and part 3 for Spain (Barcelona).  You can easily adapt to your own destination, just look for the same stuff. In each category we will attach the link from where we got the information for our destinations.


Imagem1 Map and area

Imagem2 Population

Have a general idea of the size of the country.

Imagem3 Currency

Imagem4  Language

Make sure you know some language in common with the coutry. English will do the trick almost everywhere.

Imagem5 Time fuse

Imagem6 Electric plug

Simple things that are super important. Buy an adapter if needed.

To get this sort of info, to go are the country´s tourism websites.


Imagem7 The weather is the first thing to check out, so you know that is appropriate when you pack your bag (we will make a packing post soon).

Accuweather gives you up to three month prior forecast:

For other information or historic of weather since 1980, look here:


Imagem8 History

Imagem9 Today

Have a general ideia of the countries origins as most important marks. It is also key to understand todays rank and important news.


Find out what places to visit, how to get there and price.

Imagem11 Gastronomy

Be open to try different things!

We will do our best to post the other two parts this week. We hope it helped! Don´t forget to like and share. Get in touch with us anytime you want.

Leonor & João


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