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6 months: Booking your stay


Hey guys!

Sorry that this post doesn’t follow the time-line, but we just booked our house in Iceland. Here are some tips and, although we didn´t do it, we recommend that o book your stay 6 months before your adventure.

There are a lot of options for booking your stay, we recommend AIRBNB. We compared it to Momondo, Hostelworld and Booking and it was the cheapest for big groups (yes, hotels are COMPLETELY out of the table). Since we are 5, we decided to go for a full house, mainly because it has a kitchen. That way we save money by not eating out… at least not every day.

The website is really simple to use, just enter your destination, days, number of guests and, if you have preference, room type (full house, private/shared room). You can also apply other filters as price range, number of rooms and bathrooms, facilities, house rules, etc.


From there it is pretty simple, they show you the options according to your research and once you open what best suits you they show all the information on the room. Then just make your reservation and pay. Easy peasy!

There is just one thing about Airbnb that we dislike: they add fees to the price you see on the research grill. The price appears per night and no fees, and later they add cleaning and service fees, so just be prepared for that and it will be ok. This fees dont vary with the number of people, this way divided by all it is not too much.

From our experience, most owners are super nice and send you a message once you completed the payment. If you have any “tourist” questions, I am sure most of them will help you.


If you choose to book your room on Airbnb, use the following link to open you account (you can make one directly from your gmail, it is really fast) and get 30€ off your first vacation through Airbnb:

Leonor & João



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