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4 months: tips on managing your documents

Hello Travelers!

Today the subject is on how to prepare your travelling documents. It is a sensitive subject for two reasons: first of all, it is a really important matter and second, it may be different from country to country. Unfortunately, we cannot cover all countries and laws, so we are sticking to the case of Europeans traveling in the Schengen area. If you are not a part of the countries in the Schengen agreement, you probably need a visa and other documents, that we will not mention (sorry for that).

What is the Schengen area?

It is an agreement between 26 countries in Europe that do not have border control. For that reason, you do not need a visa or passport to travel within these countries:


As you can see, it is not restricted to the European Union… hopefully someday, we can travel anywhere with no bureaucracies.

Back to the document issue, both Portugal, Iceland and Spain are a part of this area. So the only documents you need are: your Identification card (mandatory) and the European Health Insurance card.

It is pretty obvious that you need your ID, be sure to check the validation date.

The European Health Insurance card is not mandatory but we find it extremely important. If necessary, it provides temporary (and in some cases, free) health care if you are abroad in one of the 28 countries of the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. In Portugal, you can get your card for free online, in any Social Security service desk or in any Citizen Shop.

Hope this short post was helpful! If you have any questions related to documents or travelling, be free to get in touch with us. Don´t forget to share!

Leonor & João


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