“Don’t just fly, soar!”

6 months: Tips on getting your plane tickets

Hello Travelers!

As you know, today’s subject is flying. Basically, we have two words for you: GOOGLE FLIGHTS. We actually just discovered this recently, but it is

most definitely

by far

the best way to purchase plane tickets online.

Once you get to Google flights you will see that it is super easy to use. Just enter to and from where you are going and dates. We choose only “One way” since we are going to different places. This is the part where it gets super exiting! Once you put these on, here is what you get:


As you can see, the calendar shows the price in different days. We are talking just two or three days back and you save almost 120€! It is crazy useful!

Once you choose the day that best suits you, a list of flights from different companies will appear. From there, the airline company’s website will open and you buy your tickets directly.

This is way better than other pages that compare flights because most of them change the price while you are buying, you only get low prices if you pay with a specific card and has tons of adds.

We hope this helps and that you like it as much as we do (I am clearly overly excited writing this post). Whether you choose Google flights or some other platform, remember to search in incognito mode or private browsing and to buy the ticket ASAP!, a few weeks can make a huge difference in the price.

Remember to share, be free to comment or get in touch with us. And yes, the title is a line from Dumbo!

Leonor & João



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