Chapter 1


The portuguese adventure power-couple welcomes you to the Winter Journey blog!

We started this blog because this year, during the summer, we are going to Iceland. Since it is a big journey, we have been preparing it for some time now. The purpose of this blog is to share that preparation with you and give you the best advice for your own journey.

Our next and first official post will be a travel time-line, to guide you step-by-step in everything that needs to be thought. From there, every post will give you detailed information, useful tips, tools used… basically everything we used so that this can be the best adventure possible.

We depart from Lisbon and are going to be in Iceland from july 22nd to august 3rd for a scout international activity called Moot. From there we will be in Barcelona until august 8th. As you can imagine, most activities are ready for us in Iceland, but we will still need to plan the flights and all of the Barcelona part.

My name is Leonor, I study zootechnical engineer and I´m very passionate about animal welfare. I am used to travel, since growing up my parents gave me the opportunity to visit many places and even live abroad for a few years.

João frequently plays sports and likes to influence young kids into living healthy and actively. He´s an adventure addict, recently went on a one-month interrail and came back with no luggage.

To anyone interested, our adventure starts here. Be free to follow, comment and share.


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